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M20 and M 8

 Image made with a 6cmX9cm color film negative and a proprietary camera on an Astro-Physics 8" refractor at f7.8.. Single exposure of 60 minutes. Negative scanned and processed in Photoshop.

:: Sat 01/07/2017 @ 10:40

M63 with star trail

Spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici with long arc star trail from the merger with a smaller galaxy. Astroworks C18 telescope at f2.8,  Starlight M26 OSC camera.

:: Thu 06/02/2016 @ 02:32


nebulous area just below the Orion nebula. AstroWorks C18 at f2.8. Starlight M26 OSC camera. 8 hrs exposure
:: Thu 06/02/2016 @ 02:31


Interacting galaxies. AGO iDK at f5.5. Starlight M25 OSC camera. 11.2 hr exposure
:: Thu 06/02/2016 @ 02:25


iDK AGO modified Dall-Kirkum at f5.5. Starlight M25 OSC camera. 7 hours exposure
:: Thu 06/02/2016 @ 02:09

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